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3 Ways to Make a Difference

Stand up to the elements. Stand up to the water crisis.

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We believe everyone deserves access to life-sustaining water...

Yet everyday millions – mostly women and children – walk miles in search of clean water. Often only to find dirty water from contaminated ponds and watering holes. They spend hours carrying it back to their families to drink. With it they bring sickness that often results in death. In fact, every day 3,000 children under 5 die from causes related to contaminated water.

It's a global crisis. The good news is it's a crisis we can solve. While we can't solve the entire crisis in a day, you can take action today and make a difference! Every contribution counts as we work together to change lives and save lives by making the power of water available to all.

  • Be a hero for an entire village and help fund a water project that will give thousands of people clean water for the first time.
  • Donate your voice on social media. Invite your friends to help change the world and raise awareness of #WorldWaterDay

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You Can make a difference

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EcoSurvivor proudly supports Water4 and their mission to end the global water crisis in our lifetime.

With each new well that's drilled – in some of the most remote, hostile places on Earth – the arrival of clean water improves the health of entire villages. Provides dignity and self-reliance, freedom from waterborne disease and death, and the promise of long-term health and food security. Access to clean water is truly the foundation for transforming these communities.

A key to Jasco's EcoSurvivor brand is our giving partners – Water4 and Fight for the Forgotten.

Water4 believes that we can end the global water crisis in our lifetime. We want to help make that happen and hope you do too! Together we can save lives and end the water crisis for all. Help bring light to the world with an EcoSurvivor LED Lantern and give someone the gift of clean water.

EcoSurvivor LED Lanterns

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