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The Heart of Jasco

As the parent brand of EcoSurvivor, Jasco is honored to have the opportunity to partner with charities that are positively impacting the lives of others. At Jasco, it isn't about us giving to charities, we believe God deserves all the glory for all that He is making possible. We're blessed to have partnerships with organizations that make support of worthy causes possible.

“Jasco is such a blessing. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference you all are making in the lives of millions all over the world.”
— Jim Stewart
Water4 Partner Development

Eco Survivor + Water4

A key to our EcoSurvivor brand is our giving partners – Oklahoma-based nonprofit, Water4 and MMA Fighter, Justin Wren (AKA “The Big Pygmy”). We proudly support their mission to see the global water crisis eradicated in this lifetime. With a full line of durable battery packs, water-resistant Bluetooth speakers and audio accessories, and rugged portable LED lighting solutions, every purchase of EcoSurvivor products helps fuel clean water initiatives and life-changing opportunities for people around the world.

Knocking Out the Water Crisis with Justin Wren

Many know Justin Wren as a national champion wrestler who became a Bellator MMA fighter. However, a mission trip to the Congo several years ago changed his life forever. His new fight in life became freeing the Mbuti Pygmy tribe from modern day slavery, who were without a voice and access to clean water. Justin partnered with Water4 to provide both, and they ultimately joined forces. Since returning to the cage, Wren has stopped fighting for himself and started fighting for people. He now fights with a new passion under the name his second family gave him, Justin "The Big Pygmy" Wren.

  Together we can empower people to save lives and be the solution to the water crisis for all. Help bring light to the world with EcoSurvivor products and empower people with access to clean water.