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EcoSurvivor products strike the perfect balance between form and function without ever sacrificing performance. Whether you need portable power combined with LED lighting or a Bluetooth speaker that can also charge your phone, EcoSurvivor dual purpose products are reliable, versatile and always ready for the next adventure.


Justin Wren currently competes in the heavyweight division of Bellator MMA. When he’s not fighting in the cage, he’s on an international mission to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Whether you’re drilling a water well in Congo or exploring the outdoors, EcoSurvivor products have been endurance tested and proven to stand strong against a variety of outdoor elements from dust and sand to water and wind.

We believe we can improve people’s lives and want our products to make a difference.

Our EcoSurvivor products encompass these core values in every possible way–from recyclable packaging and energy efficient lighting and power solutions to supporting nonprofit partners like Water4 and their sustainable solutions that are saving millions of lives and changing the world into a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly place for all.

Whiter & Brighter

Lifetime LEDS

Not only do we focus on the environmental and social impacts of our products and operations, but also support sustainable solutions to end the global water crisis. EcoSurvivor's energy efficient LEDs provide bright white light anywhere you need it with a light source that never needs to be replaced. Enjoy superior quality lighting that illuminates larger areas and lasts twice as long as standard LED lights.